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...is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 348th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on January 15, 2024.


     Jaak Treiman on "NATO, Europe and the World."


Jaak, with his decades of knowledge and experience in world affairs, will address recent events in Gaza, Ukraine, Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, and the Iran-backed Houthi pirates menacing shipping off the Horn of Africa.

He will also discuss his refugee exodus from Soviet occupied Estonia to Los Angeles, and his current work with the Consular Corps.

    About Jaak Treiman:


Jaak Treiman is Estonia's longest serving Honorary Consul. He is a member of the Los Angeles Consular Corps' Executive Committee, and past Board Chair of the U.S. Baltic Foundation. He has a law practice in Los Angeles and has worked with nonprofit organizations in Somaliland and Afghanistan.

Jaak's has a recently published Carried by a Magic Fan: Memoir of An Estonian Refugee Family.