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...are scheduled as the guest speaker for the 300th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on April 15, 2019.



     Brock d'Avignon & Melinda Pillsbury-Foster on "The Freedom Plan and Interactive TV."


The Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association and its Freedom Plan enables grassroots volitional social action, nationwide, via two-way video content. No censorship. All opinions welcome. All presidential candidates covered.

Our speakers predict consumer stampedes to this new service, while cable, satellite, and streaming TV companies offer deep discounts.

Entrepreneurial opportunities are available for producers, TV crews, and you!

[You can still see Brock's previous Karl Hess Club presentation of May 2010, below.]





     About Brock d'Avignon & Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


Brock d’Avignon & Melinda Pillsbury-Foster have long been active in libertarian circles.